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          Hebrew Academy of Five Towns & Rockaway



          HAFTR Middle School has incorporated a unique class into its curriculum: the Bar & Bat Mitzvah workshop. These weekly classes teach middle school students exactly what it means to become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. The girls’ class is taught by Rebbetzin Sori Teitelbaum, Rebbetzin of the Young Israel of Lawrence and Cedarhurst, and HAFTR 学院 member. The boys meet with Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Siff, beloved HAFTR Rabbi. Not only do the students learn about the proper middot as well as halachic responsibility expected of girls and boys of Bar/Bat mitzvah age, but students learn the proper behavior at actual Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations. As part of the course, HAFTR Middle School hosts a mock Bar and Bat Mitzvah at Beth Shalom, where students are able to walk through an actual celebration and learn the appropriate behavior each step of the way. From the moment they walk into the door and wish a Mazel Tov to the guest of honor and baalie simcha (the parents), students experience a celebration and learn exactly how to be a respectful young man or woman at such an event. The Bar and Bat Mitzvah course encourages HAFTR 中学 students to enjoy themselves at these events, while acting like a mensch. Students are also encouraged to take upon themselves an additional chessed opportunity.

          此外,中学举办晚会的母亲/女儿和父亲/儿子。对于女性来说,程序由有关成为蝙蝠成人礼,challah的烘烤,学习优异的犹太妇女b'chavruta,并获得舞蹈指针simcha跳舞的意思工作坊的。男孩和他们的父亲了解经文护符匣的成人礼,以及经文护符匣是如何构造的。 simcha跳舞也上节目为男孩。两晚由PTA赞助,与豪华晚宴和酒吧/蝙蝠成人礼男孩和女孩的一份特殊的礼物。

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